Every SLAPstrategist in our Global Network Participates in Success Sharing

Our SLAPstrategists are such an important part of the SLAPexperience that we deliver for small business owners.  Historically we paid SLAPstrategists an hourly rate for their time as a SLAPstrategist but that never felt quite right. In our efforts to make SLAP™ affordable and accessible to small business owners the hourly rate we could pay was never an actual match to the value of SLAPstrategist’s time.  It also created a contractor relationship with our SLAPstrategists, which is very different than the collaborative partnership relationship that we want to have with our global SLAPstrategist network. When Covid hit in 2020 we made two major decisions around our pricing and payment model. First, we made SLAP™ Pay-What-You-Can so that any small business owner in the world can access our support, regardless of their economic reality. Second, we allocated 30% of our company profits to be shared with the SLAPstrategist community so that as our SLAPstrategists help Silver Lining and the small business owners that we work with, you also share in the collective success that we create together.

Our SLAPstrategist Success is Based in our Quadruple Win Philosophy

Silver Lining believes that in good business relationships there is never a winner and a loser, instead there should always be quadruple winners! We have designed the SLAPstrategist Success Share model with the goal that small businesses win, you win, we win and the economy wins.

  • Small Businesses Win by having a Pay-What-You-Can Policy available to small business owners we ensure that any small business, regardless of their economic reality, can access the strategy, structure and support that SLAP™ provides so that they can accomplish their goals.
  • You Win instead of being paid a low hourly rate (which is far less than what you deserve and would charge for your time in any other work you do), you get the chance to participate in Silver Lining’s overall success.
  • Silver Lining Wins this model allows us to manage our hard costs so that we can offer PWYC to small business owners while also bringing incredible people like you to small business owners. Because of the fact that all of our SLAPstrategists are successful business owners, not coaches and consultants, we are able to position ourselves in the market and drive large scale partnerships and growth that contribute to our overall profit and our ability to increase the Success Sharing amount. And, most importantly, our relationship with you as SLAPstrategist is a partnership as opposed to a contract. We don’t think of you as Contractors for hire, we think of you as fellow business owners who are helping us build this big mission together  – and sharing in the success we create together!
  • The Economy Wins when we all bring what we have to offer to the table, our collective impact grows.  Our ability to leverage the SLAP™ infrastructure and technology along with the global SLAPstrategists network’s deep experience and collective hours creates a powerful product that can scale and impact an unlimited number of small businesses. Every small business owner that we help together will have a direct impact on their family, job creation, local community development and global economic growth.

Success Sharing Criteria

In order to participate in the SLAPstrategists Success Share you must meet the following criteria.

  • Meet SLAPstrategist Criteria  – you have built a multi million dollar business and are offering your experience as someone who has been right where our small businesses are, not as a coach or consultant.
  • Active as a SLAPstrategist  you must still be an active team member with Silver Lining at the time that Success Sharing is released to be eligible to receive it. If you are released or quits prior to the annual payment, any accumulation of Success Sharing will be forfeited for the previous year.
  • Fully Certified – you must be fully SLAPStrategist Certified, with all of your Assignments submitted, Role Play passed and SLAPcenter Profile 100% accurate. 
  • Doing a minimum of 4 SLAPstrategist Calls / Month – you must be doing a minimum of 4 SLAPstrategist Calls per month in order to be eligible for Success Sharing.  On a case by case basis, exceptions may be approved. 

Success Sharing Calculation

The SLAPstrategists Success Share is calculated as follows:

  • All Silver Lining Revenue minus Expenses = Profit
  • 50% of Profit will be set aside for innovation and growth funding
  • 50% of Profit will be distributed to Silver Lining Team members through our Success Sharing Program
  • 30% of the Success Sharing Budget is allocated for SLAPstrategists Success Sharing
  • The SLAPstrategists Success Share distribution will be based on number of SLAPstrategist Hours given over the course of a 12 month period.
    • For example, if the SLAPstrategists Success Share amount is $150,000 and we have collectively done 3000 SLAPstrategist Hours, each hour for this time period will have a value of $50.  If you, as a SLAPstrategist, did 120 hours, you would receive $6,000.
      • Note that all payments are in USD.

Success Sharing Terms

  • Success Sharing is paid in October of each year for the Success Sharing earnt from July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the same year as the Success Share payment. Payment of Success Sharing will be made to all eligible SLAPstrategist by the last day in the month in October of each year.
  • Signed Agreement and W8/W9 must be on file in order to receive the Success Share payment.
  • 100% of CINS must be submitted on time throughout the year that the Success Share payment is being made for.  
  • In Good Standing  in order to participate in Success Sharing all elements of the Code of Conduct must be honored and in 100% good standing.